Welcome to Delight in the Mountain

Welcome to Delight in the Mountain

Welcome to Delight in the MountainWelcome to Delight in the Mountain

About the Film

Delight in the Mountain, full length feature film.


After spending most of her career as a lawyer defending the mob, Anna Maria decides to take a break.  She moves in with her mother who get kidnapped by the mob boss. He demands that she argue one more case.  She must win since it is the son of the mob boss who is up for murder. 

Francisco C. Torres


Francisco C. Torres has been in the media and theater industry for over 20 years.  From video, theater, television and film, he has had the opportunity to work on the East Coast and West Coast before setting his current residence in the Midwest. He started doing camera work for televised sports events and quickly moved to directing live region broadcasts.  His concentration in college was radio, broadcasting, television and film. 

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Delight in the Mountain